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Poster: Jason Scott Date: May 20, 2022 2:22pm
Forum: software Subject: How Softwarelibrary Contributions Work

I thought I'd quickly mention how the software contributions work for emulated items.

Right now, people can only upload to Community collections, and they do the settings to indicate the item is emulated, add screenshots and descriptions, and then leave it as is.

I have a script which then detects when emulation is set on an item and it moves it to this collection for evaluation:

Unfortunately, the only process that makes sense with regards to the software library / emulated items is to test and verify the programs are functioning. Some people do experiments to see what the emulations can do, some are misconfigured, and some are abandoned projects. It therefore requires a round of verification before being placed into the library.

This has caused some confusion, for sure - sometimes screenshots have been lost or changed because a testing program ran against the items and wiped out a chosen, curated screenshot. I've been rewriting the test suite to not do that.

As of this writing, the contributions collection is empty, but as people upload, I'll work hard to keep on top of the submissions to get them to the right home.